Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wacky Wednesday- Lehi Round up Week

I know, I know, you are all impressed at how fast I am at posting about Wacky Wednesday this week. It was today! So we started out at the Sidewalk Party at Pioneer Party and we waited in a ridiculously long line for face painting. The kids didn't seem to mind the wait though, in fact, I think I was the only one who complained about it. :) After the mayhem there we headed over to Hutchings Museum, (which is rad by the way) and looked at stuff. We stayed for the reptile show at noon and to be honest, I didn't pay attention at all to the show. I was too busy yapping with all my friends. :) But the kids seemed to enjoy it. Thanks to all that came.

Heads up: Next week we will be going to This is the Place State Park. We are going to try to leave promptly at 10am, so if you are running behind make sure to let me or someone you know who is planning on coming so we don't leave ya. This is an all day activity, one of the few this summer. We loved it last year. Bring picnics, sunscreen, camera, strollers if needed, and some money. I will let you know how much admission is, I am going to try to find discounts first. Meet at my house at 10am.
Okay, I know admission is $9 for adults and $7 for kids (3-11) and that there is a buy one get one free coupon in the Happenings book, but I am really hoping that what Kelly said is true about Wild Wednesdays being only $2. I am going to call tomorrow, but in the meantime, locate those Happenings books. :)
Update: Yes, tomorrow is only $2 admission! yeah!


  1. Pretty sure I have said this before but I am planning on next week! Looks like today was fun...perfect weather for an outing on the streets of Lehi!

  2. I know there are discounts on This is the Place Park through Tropicana (if you purchase their product). Check out their website. I think it's a 2 for 1.

  3. Hollie, I read on PYP that This is the Place has Wild West Wednesdays where everyone gets in for $2. I can't find anything about it on their site, but it was on their FB page, too.