Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Primary Program Practice....

Hey all...are you sick of hearing from me yet? :) Just a reminder that there will be a practice for the Primary Program on Friday at 4:30. It was previously scheduled for 4:00 but had to be pushed back because of a funeral. We hope to see all of our fantastic teachers and smiling children there! Thanks for all of your help and support!

Sister Holland

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Suggestions, Please!

Hello neighbors!!  This is my first time writing on the neighborhood blog, and I think it's such a great idea!  Thanks for inviting me to it!

So, I need all of your expert advice...  We do not have a dentist in this area yet, since we are still relatively new to the area, and I need your recommendations on good, wait, no, not just good, but fabulous dentists in the area.  I have had amazing dentists in the past that I really trusted, but have heard horror stories of bad dentists that do work they don't need to, and so I really don't just want to choose any random dentist.  So, as my neighbors that have been here much longer than me, please comment on this post and give me your suggestions of who you go to and if you like them and would recommend them.  Also, my husband heard some good things about Stonehaven Dental from someone - does anyone go to them too and recommend them?  THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! :)


Monday, October 11, 2010

Math Tutor

If anyone is looking for a math tutor I know of someone looking for students.
Let me know if you are interested and I will give you her contact information.

Sherry Laub

Friday, October 1, 2010

Holiday Flag Service

Displaying an American flag on state and National holidays helps show our patriotism and that we are proud of our country. When groups display flags together is gives a feeling of unity. The Reich boys want to help make our neghborhood look more patriotic on National and State holidays. Here's how you can be a part of this:

Who: The Reich boys
when: Starting Feb. 2011, includes 8 holidays
what: An American flag
Where: Displayed in your front yard for the entire day
Why: The Reich boys are trying to earn money for their missions.
Cost: $30 a year (This is $3.75 per holiday.) We are providing the flag but the cost does not include purchase of that flag, just the service of displaying the flag in your yard.

To avoid confusion, the cost will be per year, rather than per holiday. If you would like to sign up for this service you can call 801-766-5180 or email us at . Your first flag will be put out on Presidents Day in Feb. 2011. Reserve your flag today!

Holidays Included:
Presidents Day (Feb)
Memorial Day (May)
Flag Day (June 14)
Independence Day (July 4)
Pioneer Day (July 24)
Labor Day (sept.)
Patriot Day (sept. 11)
Veterans Day (Nov 11)

Note: we passed out flyers, but there may have been some confusion because I put "does not include actual flag"- We ARE providing the flag. I meant that you are not puchasing the flag with the fee. The fee is for set up and removal of a flag we provide on 8 holidays a year.