Thursday, September 10, 2009

What we do

I love Hollie's idea of sharing our talents & skills with one another. It gives a chance to support one another even more. Here's what the Meiners' can do:
Jared is a great fixer. He can fix almost anything electronic - toys, computers, DVD players, etc. He also sells exercise equipment at half of retail - treadmills, ellipticals, etc. and he can do repairs on those types of machines. He's finished a basement before so he can mud, tape, wire, etc. For work, he does electrical and computer engineering
I like to do a lot of things, but I'm not an expert in any of them! I'm more than happy to help someone with sewing, canning, couponing, or scrapbooking. I like to try new recipes, so I have a lot of quick and easy favorites. I teach preschool and I love math (until you get into the calculus stuff).

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