Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Candidates for Mayor

Vaughn and I have had quit a bit of involvement with the Lehi Mayor and City Council in regards to the SR-92 construction. We have felt that the voice of the people has not been heard during our countless meetings with our elected city officials. It has been a frustrating process as we have seen the construction plans progress with little regard for our concerns. As such, we are endorsing Bert Wilson for Lehi City Mayor. He is a personal friend and a wonderful person. He has grown up in the Lehi area and has served the community for many years in various capacities and wants to be involved in the progress of the city. He is also mindful of the citizens in our area unlike some of the officials and shares our concerns. I am just passing this information along as I know it is sometimes hard to know how to cast your vote. This is a good man with a kind, generous heart. Be sure to vote in the primary election this month! -- Jan Beames

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