Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Festival/Fundraiser

One of the most fabulous women I know is in stage 4 colon cancer. At this point she has decided to refuse medical treatment partly due to cost and partly because she doesn't want to live with a colostomy bag. Her name is Cece, and she is perhaps the sweetest, most giving person I know. She has been part of my husband's family for over 15 years, and has done nothing but love and support everyone she comes in contact with. Now we want to be there for her.
We are trying to organize a Halloween Festival/Fundraiser for Cece. We're looking at Saturdays in October (except the 8th, as not to interfere with the Stake Fall Festival).
We are planning things like face painting, bouncy house, silent auction, bake sale, pictures with a giant pumpkin, costume parade, and so much more! We are looking for anyone willing to help us with this. If you have ideas, items you might be able to donate, or any other way to help, please contact me.
Thank you so much for your support!
If you have any way to help please e-mail me at:

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