Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mark Reich is turning 40!

Mark is turning 40 on August 21st, so of course I am obligated to do more that dinner and a movie. This year I am taking 4 of his favorite things and doing them for his birthday. One of his favorite things is getting together with neighbors. I am planning a block party on August 20th at 6:45pm (mark has to work so I can't do it earlier) up in the circle near my house. I am still working out details but I think I will just do hot dogs, salads and dessert. I am going to do it pot-luck style because I have no idea how many people will come. So bring your own hot dogs/buns and one thing to share (salad/veggie/fruit). I will provide drinks, chips and dessert. If I get ambitious I might do an outdoor movie and the time might change a little. I will figure that out when it gets closer. This is going to be a surprise so don't talk to Mark about it. If you have questions call me (don't email me). Not everyone reads this blog so if you could help pass the word along that would be great. Thanks much -Michele

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