Monday, March 14, 2011

Vinyl Lettering??

My poor little 2 1/2yr old is still not part of our family home evening board. It's never been a pressing item on my to-do list because she's been young enough that just attending was her thing, but she is starting to pick up on the fact that each person checks the board to see what they are in charge of and she's now asking where her name is? I guess I'd better fix that. You'd think I could just take a sharpie and give the girl her own tag, but I just can' wouldn't match! So, on that note, does anyone out there know of a good place to get vinyl lettering done? I've only ever done any projects with vinyl via super saturday so I figured I'd put the word out there to all of you incredibly talented and creative ladies and see what results I get. I'm sure Kaylie would truly appreciate "officially" joining FHE with us on Monday nights :-) Thanks, Emily