Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stephanie Nielson, author of the NieNie Dialogues, is coming to BYU on Thursday!

NieNie Is Coming! Yep. Stephanie Nielson. And You’re Invited.

You heard right! Stephanie Nielson, author of the NieNie Dialogues, is coming to BYU!

11 x 17 Stephanie NielsonSo mark your calendar for Thursday, September 30th at 7:00 pm. The event will be in the Wilkinson Center Ballroom.

Stephanie is helping us kick off a new campaign here at Women’s Services called Recapturing Beauty.

Through experiences with hundreds of women in our professional and personal lives, we couldn’t help but notice that every single woman we knew had something negative to say about her appearance. What a shame! We are literal children of God. How can we have so many harsh things to say about the incredible bodies we have each been given? How can we reject these magnificent gifts with our nipping, tucking, molding, and controlling?

To combat the fallacies surrounding beauty, Women’s Services presents a series of events and support groups to help women live lives of greater fulfillment, at peace with their appearances.

Recapturing Beauty is a campaign to reshape our ideas and attitudes about beauty away from those promoted in our popular culture. The definition of beauty has been hijacked by a group of people and industries who have in mind profit more than beauty. We are sold ideas of beauty that are very hard to attain unless, of course, we have enough money.

When we make beauty exclusive and difficult to attain, it sets up a culture of self-loathing, competition and envy. None of these reflect the true nature of women.

Instead of embarking on more meaningful quests, we place our faith in products and images. Rather than loving our bodies and being peaceful, respectful and gentle with them we attack, manipulate and try to control them, never feeling satisfied.

Recapturing Beauty is about reclaiming the truth about beauty so that we can find peace and contentment in our bodies and in our lives.

Stephanie Nielson will speak about her experiences and how each of us can find beauty in ourselves.

The event is open to the public! Community members, men, women, students, spouses of students, people who have never heard of BYU—all welcome!! There is no need to register; just be at the Wilkinson Center Ballroom on BYU Campus on Thursday, September 30th at 7:00 pm!


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