Monday, August 2, 2010

3 wacky wednesdays left!- Note this weeks has changed to Tuesday!

Here is the schedule for the last 3 wacky wednesdays.

Tuesday!!! August 3- We have changed this week from wacky wednesday to totally tuesday so that we can enjoy the $2 entrance fee at Thanksgiving pt. All venues are $2 per person, so we can take our pick of the museum, petting zoo, or gardens. Meet at 10:00am at my house.

August 11- We are planning to take a tour of the Kennecott Mine. The cost appears to be $5 per car, I will call and confirm. Plan on meeting at 10am at my house to caravan, and possibly double up on cars!

August 18- Last wacky Wednesday! Payson Lakes! This is a full day activity so put dinner in the crock pots early. :) Plan on leaving by 9:30, it is about 1 1/2 hr drive but worth it! I need to know who is coming to this activity, so please call and let me know. The lake has an entrance fee of $7 per car. There are no motorized boats on this lake, it is a small swimming lake with a grassy beach area, and lots of fun. What to bring: lunch, snacks, drinks, rafts or floating toys, towels, blankets, scooters optional, and LIFE JACKETS! Please don't forget life jackets, it is a lot more fun when we know our kids are safe. :) The lake has a paved trail around it that you can walk on or ride bikes or scooters.

I will post reminders, but this is what to plan for, let me know if you would like to come!

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