Thursday, October 8, 2009

Adult Religion Class Resources

Brother Holzapfel has created a web site that is for his Adult Religion Class that he teaches at BYU on Wednesday's night.

This fall semester is on "From Manuscript to Printed Page: The Story of Our Modern Scriptures." He is taking 3 weeks and covering each of the Standard Works. For example the first class was "What is the Bible" where he covered how the books were gathered together and who wrote what books. He has great handouts on this class such as: Old Testament Terms, Semitic Languages, 1611 King James Version. The next class "From Manuscript to Publication: Our English
Bible," and the next class was, "Great Truths of the Bible." Each the Standard Words will have the basic same topics.

There has always been great quotes that we have asked for the references and he has amazing power point presentations on some of the nights. So he has created this web site that he puts on each week with his "handouts" and "power point" for us to look at when we are home. The "handouts" are the quotes with the references that he uses during class. This way he can save the school money by not printing them each week for 350 people, and he realizes that (and gave us permission) to tell all of our family and friends about the site.

The website is:

So enjoy and have fun!


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